Looking Back

It’s a whole different view when you’re Looking Back!

Looking Back #1 – Rodin’s Thinker

The Thinker, by Auguste Rodin is a well known 20th century sculpture. Most of us are familiar with this view…

This is the view of The Thinker that most of us know.

The Thinker by Auguste Rodin

But remember to look back, or you might miss this view…

These portable buildings at the Rodin Musseum in Paris were being used as a gift shop and additional office space at the time this photo was taken.

Looking Back from The Thinker

The lookback photo shows the Thinker’s viewing bench at the Rodin Museum in Paris. The portable buildings in the background were being used as a gift shop and as additional office space at the time this photo was taken.


Looking Back

My Grandparents were avid travelers their entire lives. In the 1950s they drove my Dad and Aunt across the US to visit some family and a new little theme park in California called Disneyland. This was before there were nice, clean, freshly paved Interstates running all over the place. Later in life (circa the 1970s) they took that adventure around the globe and traveled to dozens of places.

Grandma Libby was also quite the photographer. She took thousands of slides during her travels and participated in photo clubs for her entire retired life. She used to tell me that it is important to take pictures of things that people can’t see on postcards and in coffee table books. Anyone can find hundreds of pictures of the Eiffel tower, but what about the park next to it? Or the school children running down the street just a block away?

Early in my own travels, this led to a lot of pictures of trashcans and extreme close-ups of textures. (I’m still guilty of this from time to time and I make no apologies for my own photographic randomness.) As I traveled more, I realized that there is a world of intrigue right next to every famous monument. I had lots of pictures of people standing in front of monuments and buildings, but no pictures of what they were looking at while I was taking the picture. Thus, Looking Back was born.

What do you see when you turn around and look the other way? We’re going to find out together. I might even include a picture or two of a trash can – but no promises.